Sleep Quality and Metal Health: What The Data Says

man in black t-shirt lying on bed

Sleep is among the most essential activities for human beings. It is necessary for physiological recovery, emotional health and overall quality of life. However, there is a great deal of data indicating that many people do not get sufficient sleep to maintain healthy mental health.

Studies have found that poor sleep quality is associated with various mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. For instance, one study evaluating 450 adults showed that those with poor sleep quality were more than three times likely to have common mental health disorders.

Insufficient sleep can also have a big impact on emotional resilience. Studies have found that individuals who do not get adequate sleep are more prone to emotional distress, have decreased mental adjustment, and are more likely to feel overwhelmed.
A recent study further demonstrated that people with more severe sleep disturbances have increased levels of neuroticism, depression, and anxiety.

Research even suggests that sleep quality can have negative consequences on cognitive functioning. An extensive review of research studies concluded that sleep deprivation can lead to deficits in executive functioning, decreased creative thinking and even difficulty learning new material.

To maintain healthy mental health, it is clear that a good quality of sleep is essential. Therefore, individuals should make sure to establish a regular sleep schedule, avoid late night electronics, and limit caffeine intake. Moreover, it would be beneficial to practice good sleep hygiene such as relaxation techniques and limiting the amount of light exposure at night.

It is clear that sleep quality and mental health are closely intertwined. People should take their sleep quality very seriously, as evidence suggests that insufficient sleep can have a negative impact on their overall mental health and cognitive functioning. With proper sleep hygiene and relaxation practices, individuals can ensure that they are receiving the necessary sleep for maintaining a positive mental health.


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