Having a Sinus Issue? Here is What to Look For


When sinuses become congested and filled with mucus, they can cause sinus drainage. Often times, this drainage can be quite annoying and uncomfortable. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of draining sinuses, so that the proper treatment can be obtained.

The most common symptom of draining sinuses is a runny nose. A runny nose is caused by the inflamed sinuses that produce extra mucus which drains out the nose. This can present itself as a constant thin stream, or a thick yellow or greenish discharge, depending on the severity of the sinus infection or allergies. In addition to a runny nose, there could be an itchy nose, nasal congestion, post nasal drip (mucus draining down the throat), and a sore throat. To make matters worse, individuals may experience increased fatigue, sinus headaches, facial pain, sore jaw and bad breath.

Other symptoms of draining sinuses include decreased sense of smell, coughing (especially in the mornings or at night), congestion, sneezing and watery eyes. There is also the possibility of severe pain behind the eyes, which is usually related to sinusitis. In some cases, individuals may develop facial swelling or complications in the sense of taste.

Depending on the cause of the sinus drainage, such as allergies, common colds, or sinusitis, treatment will vary. After being properly diagnosed by a doctor, the individual may require over-the-counter medications, antibiotics, or other treatments such as steam inhalation or saline nose drops. Natural remedies such as applying a warm compress on the face, drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding exposure to possible allergens, can also help relieve symptoms of draining sinuses.

It is important to be ever aware of the signs and symptoms of draining sinuses, so that the proper treatment is obtained and the individual can avoid any further complications. As always, it is best to seek professional advice from a medical expert, in order to get a proper diagnosis and advice on the most suitable treatment.


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