Beauty Within Insecurity: Experiencing Alopecia and Self-Love

The experience of alopecia can be psychologically crippling for those who suffer from it, and can be especially daunting to come to terms with during an already difficult transition between childhood and adulthood. Despite the insecurity and distress that it can cause, patients can discover a source of strength and beauty that arises from acknowledging and embracing their insecurity.

For those living with alopecia, shedding of their hair can range from patchiness to total hair loss. Unlike physical indicators of age such as wrinkles which are often considered to be unavoidable, alopecia can bring a sense of failure and inadequacy to those affected by it. The challenge then becomes to find a sense of security in an insecure situation. This can be achieved through focusing on the positive aspects of alopecia and learning to accept it.

Firstly, acknowledging the experience can be a powerful tool for those living with alopecia to develop a sense of self-compassion and understanding. Accepting that alopecia is a part of your own unique identity and life journey can help to transform feeling of insecurity into a strength-filled state of self-love. Adopting this perspective can allow those suffering from alopecia to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Though it may be difficult, those living with alopecia can focus on their unique strengths and abilities which make them special, instead of worrying about their insecurity. Practicing self-care and taking time out to focus on what you enjoy can be a great way to shift the focus away from insecurity and onto positive pursuits. The practice of gratitude can also help to foster emotional wellbeing and create a more positive outlook on life when managing alopecia.

Alopecia may complicate one’s physical appearance, but it can also be accepted and embraced as a source of beauty and strength. Establishing a support network of friends and professionals can be extremely beneficial in allowing those living with alopecia to build up their own self-esteem and confidence. In time, alopecia can become a source of security and self-love. By learning to accept and embrace the insecurity associated with alopecia, true beauty can be found.


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