Do Vegans Need To Take Supplements?

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Numerous people are turning to veganism as a healthier and more ethically acceptable dietary lifestyle. While many of these individuals deem veganism to be more beneficial than the Standard American Diet (SAD), do vegans need to take supplements in order to support their dietary needs? Reviewing the potential benefits and drawbacks of supplementing a vegan diet is necessary to answer this question.

One of the advantages of consuming vegan supplements is that they provide the body with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that otherwise may be missed in one’s diet. Common vitamins lacking in vegan diets include B-12, zinc and iron. Since vegan diets typically include less processed foods, it can be more difficult to absorb adequate amounts of these vitamins due to the fact that they are typically found in animal-based foods. Without supplementation, vegans are at risk of becoming deficient in these vitamins, leading to various health complications such as anemia. Proper supplementation of a vegan diet can also work to provide beneficial nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, typically found in fish, as well as Vitamin D which is difficult to absorb through food.

On the other hand, some view vegan supplements as unnecessary, maintaining that it is entirely possible to meet all of the body’s nutritional needs while eating a vegan diet alone. While certain vitamins are harder to absorb through food, many argue that planning meals specifically tailored to meet one’s dietary needs can sufficiently provide a person with all the nutrients the body needs. Consuming various fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans, along with fortified grains and dairy replacements, are recommended as an alternative to supplementing.

Considering the potential benefits and drawbacks of taking vegan supplements, the decision to supplement a vegan diet is ultimately up to the individual and should be based on the extent of one’s dietary needs. Those who are actively looking to maintain a vegan lifestyle should consult a doctor prior to establishing a supplement routine to ensure that the nutritional needs of their body are fulfilled. For those who are simply looking to maintain a healthier diet, it is recommended that one consults a certified nutritionist who can provide personalized guidance in refer to the most beneficial vegan diet for one’s body.

In conclusion, whether vegans need to take supplements depends largely on their personal dietary needs, and consulting a doctor or nutritionist is the best method of determining what is most beneficial for one’s body. While certain vitamins are harder to absorb through a vegan diet, it is still possible to obtain all of the necessary nutrients with the right combination of meals, making supplementation a personal decision.


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