5 Weird Health Facts That Will Surprise You

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Out of the millions of facts about health, there are some that don’t get as much attention as others. These are the strange and unusual health facts that are just as important to know as any other. Here are five of the weirdest health facts that will surprise you.

First, did you know that nostril dominance can be used to predict your health? That’s right – the nostril you naturally breathe out of more can provide insight into your overall health. Doctor’s can use this to examine how well the body’s artery branches are working to provide oxygen. If you breathe primarily with your right nostril, you’re thought to have better overall health.

Second, the brain is surprisingly active even when we’re asleep. Our brain cells are always working during sleep, with electrical activity in the brain speeding up significantly compared to when we’re awake. During REM deep sleep, our brains are working around four times as hard as when we’re awake!

Third, the human body has some of its own electrical currents. Inside our bodies, electricity is constantly occurring. Most of this electricity is generated through our cells, called bioelectricity. It’s this very electricity that contributes to our ability to move and sense the outside world. It’s also believed to play a role in the biological clock, controlling some of the activities that occur in our bodies overnight.

Fourth, blue light isn’t always bad. While too much blue light can be damaging to the eyes, some studies have found that consuming a low dose of blue light has positive health benefits. These same studies suggest that blue light can stimulate the production of hormones like dopamine that can improve mood and help enhance concentration.

Finally, the tongue print is a thing! Much like a fingerprint, no two people have the same tongue print. This can be used to help identify individuals based on the natural ridges that form on the top of their tongue when theirs mouths are closed. Though research is still continuing, it’s thought that tongue prints can help to identify individuals in a way that’s far more accurate than finger prints.

As you can see, there are a lot of strange facts about our health that come with even stranger implications. All of these facts show that some of the most surprising knowledge about health can be found in the most unexpected places. Knowing these unique and weird facts can help remind us of the complexity and power of our physiology.


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